2017 Lurcher classes

Qualifier for Countryman’s Weekly Champion of Champions, NL&RC Champion and Junior Handler Championship (Chatsworth), North Wales Lurcher and Whippet Champion of Champions, and Derbyshire Lurchers and Longdogs Championship and Junior handler championship.  Qualifier for  SW Supreme Lurcher, U21” Lurcher and Whippet Champion applied for.    Champion lurcher eligible for Stonelands Championship on 1st October.

Judging commences 12 noon. Judge: Mr Paul James

Entries in the ring: £1.50 all classes.  Rosette for first four places in all classes.  ALL TROPHIES PERPETUAL.

Class 1  HILL CUP Best Puppy 6 to 12 months
Class 2  KITCHER CUP Best junior handler 14 years & under. Special rosette to each handler.
Class 3  Best rough dog – 23″ and over
Class 4  Best rough bitch – 23″and over
Class 5  Best smooth dog – 23″and over
Class 6  Best smooth bitch – 23″and over
Class 7  Best rough dog – under 23″
Class 8  Best rough bitch – under 23″
Class 9  Best smooth dog – under 23″
Class 10 Best smooth bitch – under 23″
Class 11 Best dog – 21″and under
Class 12 Best bitch – 21″ and under
Class 13 Best veteran dog or bitch, any height 7 years and over
Class 14 Best pure-bred sight hound
Class 15 Best brace

Championship open to 1st prize-winners of classes 3 to 13
Champion: JEWETT TANKARD and Rosette
Reserve Champion: RENDLE CUP and Rosette

SHNDB Schedule booklet 2017  for printing (pdf)

Thanks to dogs bitz who are kindly donating prizes for the Best Puppy  and Champion and Reserve.